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Transitioning business ownership to heirs, partners, or select employees calls for thoughtful planning and experienced guidance to safeguard continuity, potential tax advantages, liquidity, and peace of mind.
A well-designed physician benefit restoration plan can optimize tax-deferred savings opportunities and support the specific and unique retirement planning needs of doctors.
Plans that allow high-wage earners to save efficiently, deferring pretax compensation (Total Rewards) beyond qualified plan limits, can be a key component of executive benefit restoration.
Deferred comp plans help employers and executives, creating tax-deferred savings options for participants while delivering balance sheet features plus a retention tool for plan sponsors.
Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs) can create an effective strategy for providing tax-deferred compensation to select employees, inspiring loyalty and enhancing employee retention.
Strategic wealth transfer planning positions business owners or family leaders to maintain control as long as desired while reducing or bypassing taxable wealth transfer processes.
Managing estate liquidity effectively calls for in-depth experience to develop plans that are flexible and enduring, and then periodic reviews of plans as regulations and situations evolve.
Without a targeted supplemental plan, many high earners are significantly underinsured by their organization’s life and disability insurance plans, potentially compromising their family’s stability.

No one can predict the future. A long-term care policy helps ensure that you or your loved ones are positioned to receive quality care without placing a burden on other family members.

A well-designed long term incentive plan (LTIP) can leverage key employee reward against retention and increase employee loyalty potentially without the use of company equity.
Your family business has goals, a long-term vision, and singular needs that are both business-driven and personal. You require service that is responsive and respectful of these critical dynamics.
Financial Security Designed for Life.

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With strong roots in the insurance and financial services professions, Scott Cahill and Drew Hallberg have built FinSec Life to serve the needs of high-net-worth families and publicly and privately held companies.

By understanding their clients' objectives and thoughtfully assessing their needs, Scott, Drew, and their support team are living up to their company's name, designing financial security plans for life.

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Scott Cahill, Jr.

G. Scott Cahill, Sr., Managing Director

As a senior advisor at FinSec Life, G. Scott Cahill, Sr. devotes his time to ensuring that families keep their businesses where they belong…in the family. Relying on experience gained over the last 40+ years in the executive benefits and life insurance profession, Scott consults alongside the other FinSec Life advisors and consultants.
Scott Cahill, Jr.

Scott Cahill, Jr., Managing Director

Scott Cahill Jr was already a successful entrepreneur before partnering in the launch of FinSec Life. Defined by his faith, ethics, and strength of character, Scott supports every client with integrated, personalized, and comprehensive financial services.
Drew Hallberg

Drew Hallberg, Managing Director

Prior to partnering in FinSec Life, Drew Hallberg had a successful 16-year career in sales and senior management. His background in acquiring, operating, and selling an office products dealership has given him a unique window into how to serve corporate clients in the areas of business succession and executive compensation. He is passionate about people and using creativity to offer personalized solutions to both corporate and individual clients.

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